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Territorial information on major risks
Territorial information on major risks

The management of a crisis situation depends as much on the preparation of the community as on the reaction of the inhabitants.

The DITRIM presents:
- the characteristics of known natural and technological hazards in the territory as well as information on the memory of past events;
- a list of the ordinances establishing the state of natural disaster;
- the informative maps of the Plan for the Prevention of Natural Hazards approved by Prefectoral Order No. 2011 / 009 on 10 February 2011;
- the arrangements for alerting and organizing safeguards and relief.

The booklet shows, for each risk, the preventive measures to take to reduce its vulnerability and the good behaviors or reactions to have in case of danger or alert.

Responsibility for the development of the PPRN rests with the Prefect.
The PPRN of the Community of Saint Martin was approved by prefectoral decree n ° 2011 / 009 the 10 February 2011.
The PPRN is a servitude of public utility.
The existence of natural hazards may justify prohibiting or imposing conditions on buildings.

The PPRN of Saint-Martin can be consulted on the site of the Prefecture or via the following link:

At the end of the articles L. 125-5 and R 125-23 to 27 of the Environmental Code, purchasers or tenants of real estate of any kind must be informed by the seller or the lessor, Whether or not it is a real estate professional, of the existence of the risks to which the property is exposed.
The state of the risks is compulsory in any real estate transaction appended to any type of written lease, reservation of a property in the future state of completion, promise of sale or act realizing or Noting the sale of real estate, whether built or not.