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The Collectivite of Saint-Martin Paris Branch
The Collectivite of Saint-Martin Paris Branch

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54 street of Varenne 75007
Phone: 01 40 48 29 60
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The House of St. Martin celebrated its 1 anniversary on 6 June 2015.
Its missions are:
- To be a reception point for Saint-Martin's living in the hexagon and in Europe.
- To accompany the young people in place in their administrative and social procedures.
- On an institutional level, its mission is to get closer to the decision-making centers and to strengthen the cooperation and lobbying links with the Central Administrations, the European and the European Institutions

In 2015 the Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris has benefited from the representativeness it deserves as an antenna of an overseas collectivity through not only various collaborations with the
Ministry of Overseas, such as the Overseas Campus, but also with regional organizations such as AKELIO. Assistance dedicated to the professional integration of ultramarine youth in the hexagon which is at the origin of the Forum Pro Jeunesse. These are the two key events in which the Maison de Saint-Martin participated. We have also participated in various other events that we will detail in chronological order.

It is therefore through a summary table that we will share with you all the events initiated by the House of St. Martin.

Activity Report Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris 17 December 2015

La House of Saint-Martin Is located at the 54 street of Varennes, in the 7e arrondissement of Paris. President Aline Hanson and his majority, this branch of our Community in the heart of the capital aims to promote our territory at national and European level, and to offer support to Saint-Martin citizens of metropolitan France.

The Maison de Saint-Martin is a major tool for our territorial collectivity, in terms of tourism and cultural promotion in the French and European markets, closer relations with ministries and the European Union, and accompanying Saint-Martinois who have chosen To live or to study in metropolitan France. To create this relay antenna, the Community of Saint-Martin was inspired by the antennas of Martinique and New Caledonia, whose effectiveness is widely recognized today.

The Maison de Saint-Martin is divided into five main areas of development:

- An office responsible for relations with Europe, in charge of monitoring the European files of Saint-Martin at the European Central Office
- An Office for Relations with Ministries
- An office welcoming the Paris office of the Tourist Office
- An office in charge of accompanying the St Martinois in France (patients transferred to metropolitan France with no relatives to welcome them, residents, students, elected representatives on the move).
- A place for cultural promotion: the Maison de Saint-Martin hosts exhibitions and cultural events to promote the richness and specificities of our territory. It also hosts the association of overseas students of Science Po, which will meet regularly on the spot, as well as conferences and debates inherent in our territory.

Strategically located in the heart of the capital, close to Matignon, the French overseas department and the regional councils of Guadeloupe and Martinique, with which joint actions are sometimes planned, the Maison de Saint-Martin's mission To become an essential showcase of our territory in Paris, as well as a place of reflections and exchanges in perpetual movement.

The House of Saint-Martin, an antenna-relay of the Collegiate Tritorial.

Its mission is to move closer to the decision-making centers in order to work better together and strengthen cooperation links with central administrations, European and political institutions. This Parisian and European representation is an effective lobbying tool for advancing Saint-Martin's files.

A space dedicated to the development of local artists but also associations Saint-Martin.

The Maison de Saint-Martin has the opportunity to welcome and help local artists to develop themselves by putting at their disposal its premises.
It also provides its meeting room to associations working for the interest of the island.
The team can also assist them in the development of their projects and for specific actions.
Administrative and social assistance for our young students. A direct link with the collectivity of Saint-Martin.

Office of Tourism Antenna Europe

The Maison Saint-Martin also shares its premises with the office of the tourist office in charge of the tourist promotion of the island on the European markets.
It is a welcome and information point for the general public, institutional partners and tourism professionals.

Contact the Tourist Office
Tel: 01 53 29 99 99

Contact us
54 street of Varenne 75007
Phone: 01 40 48 29 60

Saint Martin Territorial Community Antenna of Paris