Administrative procedures and services
Occupation of public property
Occupation of public property

The procedure for issuing parking authorizations can be described by the following 5 steps:

1: Application for authorization.

It is done by mail or by means of a form made available to the citizens:

- In the premises of the Pole Développement Economique, Directorate of Strategy and Economic Intervention.
- On the website of the Collectivité de SAINT-MARTIN, by clicking on the following link: http: // pdf
- On request by e-mail.

The petitioner must have the following supporting documents:

- Application form or completed form carefully;
- Copy of the identity document (passport, Identity card, residence permit);
- proof of residence (water, electricity or telephone bill);
These documents will be used to process the petitioner's file.

2: Observations after instruction.

This information, once available to the instructor service, will be used to evaluate the application. Complementary documents may be requested, as well as the opinion of competent services (Territorial Police, Direction des Routes and Public Buildings ...).
The observations made will help the members of the Committee to give an opinion on the petitioner's request.

3: Opinion of the Commission.

The CAERT is seized for any request for permission to park on the public domain. It issues an opinion on the files submitted to it by the instructor service. Such advice may not be validated by the Executive Council.

4: The decision of the Executive Council.

Only the decision of the Executive Council has legal force. It must endorse the Commission's opinion that the authorization must be validly given, after the necessary review of legality.

5: Authorization

The authorization is the final stage of the procedure. It is embodied in a convention determining, among other things, the duration and the amount of the royalty payable for the occupation of the public domain, as well as the other Rights and Obligations of the signatories.

The authorization thus given shall take effect from the date on which the contractual relations entered into on the agreement begin.

Obtain a parking authorization (market, car-shop ??)