Administrative procedures and services

Latest information points:

Public information points
Community of Saint-Martin, main building in Marigot: 8h30 to 12h every day.
Robert Weinum school campus, at the Savannah: 8h30 to 12h every day.
Sandy Ground MJC: 8h30-12h
Concordia Media library: 8H30 -12h
Orleans neighborhood: 8h30 - 12h

Permanence of civil status:
To the community, main building: 9h - 12h every day: for obtaining administrative documents

Medical emergency points:
Nettle Bay: Hotel le Flamboyant
Hope Estate: on the parking lot of the former Simply Market
Grand-Case: car park of the MJC
Orléans neighborhood: main street near the pharmacy

EDF: The company is progressing on the rehabilitation of the networks. It announced that by 8 days all the fireplaces would be connected either directly or by a generator.

Latest news GDE: Water networks are being audited in order to restart distribution in areas where this is possible. First of all, it is necessary to check the state of the networks so as not to risk losing water at the reopening. Distribution points will then be installed in the districts, the points will then be communicated to the population.

Concerning wastewater treatment: two hydro-cureuses will arrive today at the port of Galisbay, thanks to the partnership Région Guadeloupe - Collectivité de Saint-Martin. This equipment will make it possible to clean the areas where the networks are obstructed and to evacuate the waste water.

Hébergement: Relief tents carried by the SOS Attitude association will arrive at the end of the week, a relief village will be created, tents can be distributed to private individuals who wish to do so.
To be registered: a permanence will be open from Monday 18 September at the Solidarity and Families Pole, Paul Mingau Street in Concordia, from 9h to 12h.

Departure from the territory:
The air bridge between Grand Case and Guadeloupe is still operational. It is necessary to go directly to the place to be able to embark (management by the state).
A maritime link is organized by the community of Saint-Martin in partnership with the Region Guadeloupe. A boat should leave Sunday 17 September (date and time of departure confirmed later).

To register:
Community reception point: 8h30 -12h every day.
Reception point of the school city: 8h30-12h every day. By boat, it is possible to bring luggage and animals. The boat goes to Guadeloupe (8h of sea).

Distribution: Part of the distribution of water and food is managed by the State, knowing that the Community has also taken charge of the situation. Mrs. Ramphort Marie-Dominique, elected from the Territorial Council, is in charge of coordinating distribution in the port of Galisbay.
Three daily distribution points:
Marigot: Train station: 9h to 12h
Hope Estate: parking lot of the new Aventura Mall: 9h to 12h
Orleans area in front of the gendarmerie: 9h to 12h
Point and water distributions are organized every day in all neighborhoods.

Cleaning of the territory:
Operation of clearing in the night from Friday to Saturday.
A vast clearing operation will take place this night (night: 15 to 16 Sept) from the area of ​​Bellevue to the area of ​​Approval. 150 men will be mobilized to carry out a great cleaning. Traffic will be cut from 19H30 to 5h: curfew from 18h to 05h.

Opening of the ecosite of Grande Cayes: only to receive the garbage.
Whenever possible, carry out tri-selective waste before bringing on site.

The Solidarity and Families section of the Saint-Martin community, located on rue Paul Mingau in Concordia (Pôle Emploi building), organizes workshops to help uninsured persons and victims of Hurricane Irma report their real estate claims and furniture.
Those who have been affected and who wish to join the tents village in front of Grand Case Airport will also be able to register.
Solidarité et Familles is open from Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h to collect your requests.

Several reception and information points will be set up directly in the neighborhoods:
- Maison de Solidarité et Familles d'Orléans: For people living in Quartier d'Orléans, Oyster-Pond - Orient Bay.

- Elie Gibbes Primary School in Grand Case: for people living in Grand Case - Mont Vernon - Cul de Sac - Anse Marcel - Morne Oreilly - La Savane.

- Neighborhood Council Room # 5 (Marigot Low-Town): for residents of St James - Low-Town - Bellevue - Concordia.

- Local of the district council n ° 6 (Sandy Ground): for the residents of Sandy Ground - Terres - Basses - Baie Nettlé.

These openings will be open on Thursday 21 September, Friday 22 September, Monday 25 September 2017, from 9 hours to 12 hours. Do not hesitate to come and inquire.


Orleans area
Marc Thibault

Cul de Sac
Guillaume Carrel-Billard

Hope Estate
Erik Imber

Alix René
Anna Maria Cagan
Steeve Colonneaux
Michel Benedetti
Monique Michel
Jimmy Lam

Yves De Polo
Yves Larochaix
Ndem Marigot
DE Benas
Nettle Bay
Pierre Yves Merlet
Linguba Lingomba

Jean-François and Blaise Bartoli

Yves Journo
Marjorie Boulogne

Bernard Vassel

Jean Paul Calls and Kamal Achebouch


On the initiative of the President of the Community, Mr Daniel GIBBS, and in partnership with the Chamber of Inter-professional Consumers of Saint Martin (CCISM), an ECONOMIC CELL was set up at CCISM in partnership with:

The Banque de France,
The banks,
The Social Partners,
The services of the State and of the Collectivity,
The elected representatives of the Collectivity,
And the Socio-Professional Associations of Saint-Martin.

This cell is operational and is actively working on the development of measures and solutions to the attention of the Saint-Martin entrepreneurial sector.

Banking and Financial Services:

All the banks have put in place the suspension of loan withdrawals and cash facilities. Regarding this last point, it is necessary to approach his bank for more details.

Some cash dispensers (ATMs) are new operational. These include:
Credit Mutuel Marigot
BRED Marigot

The reopening of other banks and DAB will be gradually running next week. We will inform you by a future release.

Tax liabilities:

All collection procedures and levies (taxes and duties) are suspended until the end of 2017.

Assessment of damage and loss:

The community is obliged, within 15 days, to submit a report evaluating all the losses and damages in order to be able to claim indemnities not covered by the insurance. As such, a form will be given to you to evaluate these losses (insured or not).

In addition, the CCISM sets up a permanence to give you and help you complete these declarations. The permanence is assured from 8h00 to 13h00 and from 14h00 to 16h00. The deadline for the completion of these forms is 21 September 2017 to 16h00.

The form can be downloaded from the CCISM website:

Compensation of employees and managers.

The economic unit is currently working on setting up an exceptional compensation scheme for employees and entrepreneurs.

This will be submitted to the Ministry of Labor and the social partners. To date, the economic unit has called on employers (16 / 09 / 2017) not to take any measures such as dismissal or partial activation.

Concerning the members and retirees of the RSI (Social Network of Independent), an emergency fund of 1.500 euros per beneficiary has been set up. The permanence of the CCISM is able to give you the form related to the allocation of this fund.

Declarations of insurance:

We remind you that it is essential to contact your respective insurers in order to file your claims. We have obtained an additional filing deadline; this one is fixed to 31 October 2017.

To all those who are not insured, thank you for approaching the CCISM in order to complete a form which you will, if necessary, be useful in case of release of emergency funds.

Finally, we confirm that we are working to restore the economy of the island in the best conditions and that you will be regularly informed of the progress of the work of the Economic Cell.

In this unprecedented situation, the President will do all in his power to help Saint-Martin companies to restart as soon as possible. It encourages them to relaunch their activity to create a collective dynamic and thus allow the territory to leave as soon as possible.

Device set up by BRED GUADELOUPE NORTH ISLANDS since Friday 8 September 2017:

Implementation of an emergency number communicated to all our customers via SMS: the 09 69 36 28 45 can be reached from Monday to Friday from 5h to 17h and Saturday from 5 h to 13 h

Accompanying device for our private, business and corporate clients:

1/ Agreement in all cases for setting up a free of charge up to 6 months. Study requests beyond. Valid for individuals, professionals and businesses

2 / Establishment of a loan of 50 000 € for our professional clients without guarantee (only the guarantor's deposit) with proof of the insurance of their activity and walls. Duration 60 months with deductible of 6 month on request.

3/ Establishment of two consumer loans for our private and pro clients:

A loan at rate 0% the amount to be raised, I will confirm it in a future mail

A soft loan on 60 months to 2,95% and up to 15 000 euros and cumulable with loan 0%.

4/ For companies: setting up short-term and medium-term support tailor-made. All our business expenses are at the disposal of their customers.