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Public policies
Public policies

In order to respond to the wishes of companies to reduce procurement procedures and the Community's concern to facilitate the access to public order to as many economic entities as possible, regardless of their size, the Community offers you The ability to consult and respond online to a number of procedures initiated by it.

Online Publicity Advertising Notices
As part of the dematerialization of public procurement, the Saint Martin Community publishes public notices of competition relating to the markets it is required to conclude. Companies are invited to regularly consult this space available to them.

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Buyer profile


Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry

Public procurement portal

Tender procedure

The principle procedure for the award of public contracts is the tendering procedure.

In this case, the public person chooses the most economically advantageous offer, without negotiation, on the basis of weighted criteria previously communicated to the candidates.

The invitation to tender may be opened or restricted:
• When open, any candidate can submit an offer on the basis of the consultation file. It is provided free of charge by the community.
• When restricted, only companies that have been authorized after selection can submit tenders. Candidates must apply and file a dossier in accordance with the notice of public invitation to tender.
The contracting authority is free to choose between the two forms of invitation to tender.
For local authorities, the contract is awarded by the Tender Board.

Adapted procedure

The code stipulates that, within a threshold of 193 000 € HT, the authorities have the possibility to proceed with their purchases under the terms of publicity and competitive tendering determined by the contracting authority.
In this context, the Community of Saint-Martin carries out a consultation on the basis of specifications defining its needs. A call for tenders notice is published on the Internet portal of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin, in the BOAMP or in a newspaper of legal announcements in order to allow companies to apply and to submit an offer.

Request Quote

Pursuant to Article 26-II-2 of the Public Procurement Code (Decree No. 2006-975 of 1er August 2006), the Community of Saint-Martin conducts consultations in the form of requests for quotations for contracts The amount is between 4000 and 20 000 € HT for a specific work operation or purchases of supplies or services with homogeneous technical characteristics.

Information on time-limits for payment and default interest
The total time for payment of the sums due to the suppliers of the city is set at 30 days from receipt of the invoice by the municipal services. Failure to pay within the time limits provided for in the Public Procurement Code shall automatically entail default interest on the beneficiary's benefit without any formality.
- In accordance with Decree No. 2002-232 of 21 February 2002 modified by Decree No. 2008-408 of 28 April 2008 and Decree No. 2008-1550 of 31 December 2008 relating to the implementation of the maximum period of payment in The default interest rate shall be equal to the interest rate of the main refinancing facility applied by the European Central Bank to its most recent main refinancing operation carried out before the first calendar day of the six-month period of the year During which the default interest began to accrue, plus 7 points.
Information relating to the tender submitted
You are kindly requested to send to the requesting service, by any means at your convenience, A certificate of honor Justifying that your company is up to date with its tax and social obligations on 31 December of the year preceding the one in which the consultation is launched

Useful forms

Submission of an offer: Useful forms on the website of the MINEFI (Ministry of Economy and Finance)

New Forms 2010

Letter of application, empowerment of the representative by his co-contractors DC1 et explanatory note.

Statement by the individual candidate or member of the group DC2 et explanatory note.

Declaration of subcontracting DC4 et explanatory note .

Information to the successful candidate NOTI1 et explanatory note.

Annual statement of certificates received NOTI2 et explanatory note.

Response to the request for details or additions to the tender OUV7 et explanatory note.

Are you a supplier or a contractor? Would you like to work for the Community of Saint-Martin?
This section is for you!
You can find out about the procedures Public markets, Read the procedures in progress and download the consultation files via a secure site.

. You wish to be contacted by a buyer of the Collectivity intervening in your sector of activity:

To present your products or services;
For information on the purchasing policy of the community in your area;

All you need to do is contact:

Procurement and procurement
10 rue Félix Eboué - Marigot
Tel: - Fax:

. You must respect the formality of the procurement procedures and commit yourself to perform the services requested under the conditions stipulated in the specifications.

.You must fulfill certain conditions:

a) not to have been, in the past five years, by a final judgment for one of the offenses under the following articles of the Criminal Code: 222-38, 222-40, 313-1 to 313- 3, 314-1 to 314-3, 324-1 to 324-6, 421-2-1, 2ème paragraph of Article 421-5, 433-1, 2ème paragraph of Article 433-2, paragraph 8ème Article 434-9, 2ème paragraph of Article 434-9-1, 435-3, 435-4, 435-9, 435-10, 441-1 to 441-7, 1er and 2ème paragraphs of 441-8, 441-9, 445-1 and 450-1; Or have not been convicted of an offense of the same nature in another Member State of the European Union;

(B) have not been convicted, for less than five years, of a final conviction for the offense provided for in Article 1741 of the General Tax Code or an offense of the same nature in another Member State of the European Union ;
c) not have been, within the last five years of a conviction recorded in bulletin No. 2 criminal record for offenses specified in Articles L. 8221-1, 8221-3 L., L. 8221 -5, L. 8231-1, L. 8241-1 and L. 8251-1 of the Labor Code or similar offenses in another Member State of the European Union;
(D) is not in liquidation or is not subject to an equivalent procedure governed by foreign law;
(E) not be declared bankrupt or be not subject to an equivalent procedure governed by a foreign law;
(F) not be admitted to receivership or equivalent proceedings governed by a foreign law, without justifying an entitlement to continue its activity for the foreseeable period of performance of the public contract or the framework agreement;
(G) to have, on or before the 12th day of December in the year preceding the year in which the consultation is launched, subscribe to the tax and social declarations and paid the taxes and dues due on that date; Paid spontaneously such taxes and contributions before the date of the launch of the present consultation or had spontaneously constituted before that date guarantees deemed sufficient by the accounting officer or the body responsible for recovery;
(H) be in good standing, in the year preceding the one in which the consultation takes place, in accordance with Articles L. 5212-1, L. 5212-2, L. 5212-5 and L. 5212-9 of the Labor Code concerning the employment of disabled workers;
(I) that the work is carried out by employees regularly employed under Articles L. 1221-10, L. 3243-2 and R. 3243-1 of the Labor Code (in the case of candidates employing Article D. 8222-5-3 ° of the Labor Code), for the individual candidate or member of the grouping established in France;
(J) provide its employees with pay slips containing the particulars provided for in Article R. 3243-1 of the Labor Code, or equivalent documents, for the individual candidate or member of the group established or domiciled abroad;