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Ᾱ On the initiative of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin, the scientific inventory of the built heritage of the territory, started since the beginning of the 2016 year, is nearing completion.
For several months, the Directorate of Territorial Archives and Heritage, supported in its realization by Michèle Robin-Clerc, urban architect, and Elisabeth Dandel, art historian, specialist in cultural inventory, alternated observations on the Field research and research in various archives in order to produce a census of the remarkable elements of the built heritage Saint-Martin.

From a historical perspective, this inventory aims at a better knowledge of the buildings and town planning of Saint-Martin. This reference and comparative basis allows us to undertake more in-depth studies on certain aspects, to better understand and understand the originality or permanence of architectural characteristics at different times to guide both public and private initiatives in preserving and Restoration of Saint-Martin's heritage.

Thanks to the assistance of the neighborhood councils, all the sectors of Saint-Martin were studied with the enthusiastic and passionate participation of the people met. In total, after this first phase of the study, the database of the listed buildings, to date, includes 536 buildings (wells, houses, churches, etc.), more 2800 illustrations and several hundred pages of architectural descriptions, Plans and historical information. The construction dates of the buildings observed range from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century. These data will be integrated into the Saint-Martin Geographic Information System (GIS) and some will feed into the French national architectural heritage database of the Ministry of Culture and Communication ("Mérimée").

In order to share the first results of this inventory of the built heritage of Saint-Martin, the Territorial Archives and Heritage Department will present a public presentation on Wednesday, December 14 in the Media Library, located rue JL Hamlet, at Concordia, at 18 hours.

Useful information :
-Wednesday 14 December 2016 to 18h (1er floor of the multimedia library at Concordia)
-Free entry free of charge as far as available places
-Information: Territorial Archives, 0590 87 66 60 or on-site at the Archives Archives (Monday to Friday, 9h-13h)

Heritage Census b
Heritage Census b - +81 3-0000-0000
The Collectivity of Saint-Martin is currently carrying out a scientific inventory of the built heritage of the territory, with the aim of identifying, knowing and valuing its historical and cultural heritage. This work is carried out over a period of three months, in March and April and May 2016. This heritage census will thus lead to field surveys and observations to be carried out by two providers chosen by the Community. These are the companies Robin-Clerc and Art2, ...
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