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The Community of Saint-Martin proceeded, Friday 10 November 2017, to the repair of the Lady Liberty statue, a symbolic statue located on Route d'Agrément. IRMA had, indeed, broken the arm of this sculpture of the artist Theo Bonev, enthroned on the roundabout of Agrément, at the entrance of Marigot.

Managed by the Human Development Center of the community and its Culture department, this intervention was carried out in transversality with the technical services of the community, which with the help of a nacelle allowed the company L'art de Fer to perform the repair of the arm of the statue. Technical services also restarted the power grid at the roundabout so that Lady Liberty would be back in the evening. The temporary lantern fixed in the left hand of the statue comes from an anonymous donation. It will soon be replaced by a more appropriate lantern.

Pr - 2016-12-07
Ᾱ The initiative of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin, the scientific census of the built heritage of the territory, started since the beginning of the year 2016, is in the process of completion. For several months, the Directorate of Territorial Archives and Heritage, supported in its realization by Mrs. Michèle Robin-Clerc, urban architect, and Elisabeth Dandel, art historian, specialist of the cultural inventory, alternated observations on the ground...
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Heritage Census b
Heritage Census b - 2016-03-11
The Collectivity of Saint-Martin is currently carrying out a scientific inventory of the built heritage of the territory, with the aim of identifying, knowing and valuing its historical and cultural heritage. This work is carried out over a period of three months, in March and April and May 2016. This heritage census will thus lead to field surveys and observations to be carried out by two providers chosen by the Community. These are the companies Robin-Clerc and Art2, ...
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